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Reason to have a caddie for your golf game

Reason to have a caddie for your golf game

For every good golfer or any other person who claims to be a professional in the sector of the golf game, a good caddie is always an adequate gear to garner the perception of a respected caddie. A caddie is the must-have part of the professional game even in this smart age when there are many smart types of equipment available to keep the track of a golf game.

If you are looking for the answer to why do you need a caddie then a good caddie can do more than carry the clubs. A well skilled professional caddie of the best standard can advise you about the golf equipment, read the greens and help the golfers according to their necessity.

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What is golf caddie?

A caddie is a person who carries the clubs and bags of a golf player. He can give incisive advice and moral support to the player and he is aware of the obstacles and challenges of the golf courses being played. He should know the entire yardage, club selection, and pin placements. To get the position, one should have enough patience and physical strength. Not a regular employee of a private club can go for the position but a caddie is classified as the independent contractor. He is basically self-employed and he does not receive any benefits from his significant association with the golf club. There are many resorts and clubs that have the caddie programs.

Works of a caddie

To find out why do you need a caddie, you need to understand that the two different caddying positions:  fore-caddying and caddying.

A person who is known as a caddie carries the bags of the golfer and walk down with him. Both the caddie and golfer walk down the course and involved in the traditional caddying.

Fore-caddying involves the candid walking; same time the player ride in the carts. After giving complete description they walk ahead to spot the tee shots of the players. Then they get the yardage of players whereas the golf player drives their carts from the tee to the shots. Again the caddy walks Ahead to spot the next shot of the golfers. This is a continuous process for them until the players reach the green. They read the greens, clean the golf balls, attend the flags or fix the ball marks then. They are responsible for the raking traps on the golf course. If the question is that why do you need a caddie, then they make your gold round enjoyable by taking care of the menial tasks and speeding up the play. They can also mark the danger areas for the players.