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Best Golf Glove

So my golf glove just fell to pieces which normally happens every 3 months. I nearly always buy the same one – cabretta leather for about $8 but I decided this time to try something new and see if it lasted any longer than my previous ones. After reading about the best golf glove in 2019 I decided to buy the Nike Dura Fit and in this post I’m going to give my review of it.

Beginners and Golf Gloves

If you are new to golf don’t fool yourself into thinking that your hands won’t even notice it! I was getting pretty severe blisters on my thumb for the first few months of playing which is not fun! Especially when all you want to do is get out and golf more and more!

The key to having a good swing is to have a light and relaxed yet firm grip on your club. For many simply by using a golf glove you will notice a huge increase in  your game play and swing improvement. If you are like me and play until you are blistered then continuing like this is no fun at all and as a result your golf is going to suffer immensely. So do yourself a favor and buy a glove, even just the cheapest one you can find at that moment. Something is better than nothing and if you find it helps then try some other brands and styles out.

Nike Dura Feel Review

So I’m going to state straight up that I didn’t really notice a huge difference between this glove and my usual MG Dynagrip but it is a very affordable glove as well as durable. Made from quality material I hope this glove is going to last a little longer than my previous ones. This glove is made from synthetic leather which has a perforated back panel which means your hands can breathe and you won’t have issues with sweat and compromising your swing.

The other thing I like is that the fabric that is in the fingers is designed to flex as well as it is made from stretch fabric. The palm and thumb are made from genuine leather which is really important for preventing blisters. The composition is 85% polyurethane/10% nylon/5% goatskin leather and it’s available in so many different sizes and either black or white.


Fitting a Golf Glove

Making sure your golf glove fits is very important, you want it loose but not too loose and tight but not too tight. Lets say snug. With a proper fitting glove you will have a really nice, easy swing. The material is also important because you want to be able to feel everything without getting blisters on your hands and fingers. So when you decide to buy a glove knowing your size is pretty crucial, there are many size guides online. If you are borderline between 2 sizes then it’s always going to be safer to go and try one on instead of buying online – better safe than sorry I always say!