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Best Driver for Seniors

Golf is arguably one of the best sports for a senior person to play, there are countless benefits to playing the sport including improved or maintaining physical fitness, building new friendships as well as mental cognitive strengthening. If, however, you have been playing golf throughout your life you may notice your game begin to slip a little as you age. This is expected but the fantastic thing is that unlike other sports with golf all you need to do is update/change your equipment. Is your drive shorter than it used to be? Sounds like you need the best driver for seniors! Struggling with your long game? Maybe you need to consider different irons. The following post will touch on key differences between drivers for seniors and others.

Drivers and Swing Speed

Are you becoming increasingly frustrated with your golf game slipping? The first thing to go is generally your driving distance and this is because your swing speed slows considerably as you age. There can be slight adjustments you can make but honestly, the best thing is to buy a lighter club.

Drivers for Seniors – Key Differences

When it comes to making clubs suitable for seniors the major difference is in the shaft material as well as the centre of gravity of the club and a few other things. So let’s take a look!

Shaft Material

Senior players normally find ultra light shafts easier to use, these are made from carbon fibre. The lighter the shaft is the greater your ability to swing and generate the speed and distance required to keep your long game. Carbon fibre can be expensive so you could also consider titanium clubs or a composite club that is a blend of carbon and tungsten. Either way you need something that is lighter than steel to regain or even improve your drive.

Launch Angle and Swing Power

Perhaps all you need to do is adjust the launch angle from your swing, this is done by purchasing a driver that has a higher loft. As your swing slows a higher degree of launch will be needed to keep the distance. As a rule of thumb your loft speed goes with the swing speed as follows:

  • 60 – 70MPH = 13-15 degree driver
  • 70 – 80 MPH = 12-14 degree driver
  • 80 – 90 MPH = 11-13 degree driver
  • 90 – 100 MPH = 10-12 degree driver
  • 100 MPH + = 9 – 11 degree driver

If you know your swing speed you can work out the optimal loft needed.

Shaft Length

A little harder to tweak but your shaft length can help with your drive. Sometimes by increasing it a little your downward arc will increase and so too will the power. You may find with this adjustment that you are struggling to hit the sweet spot a little more than usual but stick with it.

Club Head

The biggest size club head is 460cc which is cubic centimetres. If you are looking for more direct shots or are missing the ball a little too often then a larger club head is better. The larger the sweet spot the larger the chance of hitting the right spot and are more forgiving. Just like the shaft material the lighter the club head the easier it is to swing so ideally a titanium head would be best.

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